Pattern Generator HWIP Technical Specification



This document specifies the functionality of the pattern generator hardware IP (HWIP). This module conforms to the Comportable guideline for peripheral functionality. See that document for integration overview within the broader top-level system.


  • Generates time-dependent patterns on two (2) channels, each with its own clock.
    • In each channel, data is transmitted serially on a one-bit data (pda) output, which is synchronous to a corresponding parallel clock signal (pcl).
    • The channels can operate independently or synchronously with each other.
  • Each output channel supports the following configuration settings:
    • Pattern data per output (up to 64 bits of data).
    • 32-bit pre-divider to derive pattern clock from I/O clock (minimum ratio: 2).
    • Each pattern can be repeated up to 1024 times.
    • The polarity of the clock signal is programmable.
  • The block sends an interrupt on pattern completion.


The pattern generator HWIP transmits short (maximum 64 bits) time-dependent data patterns on two clock-parallel channels. Each channel consists of one clock (pcl) and one data (pda) line. The output channels may be activated and operated independently, or they can be started at the same time to effectively create a 4-output pattern.


This IP block does not have any direct hardware compatibility requirements.