Analog to Digital Converter Control Interface



This document specifies the ADC controller IP functionality. This IP block implements control and filter logic for an analog block that implements a dual ADC. This module conforms to the Comportable guideline for peripheral functionality. See that document for integration overview within the broader top level system.


The IP block implements the following features:

  • Register interface to dual ADC analog block
  • Support for 2 ADC channels
  • Support for 8 filters on the values from the channels
  • Support ADCs with 10-bit output (two reserved bits in CSR)
  • Support for debounce timers on the filter output
  • Run on a slow always-on clock to enable usage while the device is sleeping
  • Low power periodic scan mode for monitoring ADC channels


The ADC controller is a simple front-end to an analog block that allows filtering and debouncing of the analog signals.


The ADC controller programming interface is not based on any existing interface.