Stage Name Tests Description
V2 rom_manual_spi_device_constants

Verify that spi_device constants in spi_device.h are up to date.

Certain spi_device hardware constants are currently hard-coded in spi_device.h since they are not auto-generated yet. See #11740 for details.

  • Verify that the following constants defined in spi_device.h are up to date:
    • kSpiDeviceSfdpAreaNumBytes
    • kSpiDeviceSfdpAreaOffset
    • kSpiDevicePayloadAreaOffset
    • kSpiDevicePayloadAreaNumBytes
    • kSpiDevicePayloadAreaNumWords
    • kSpiDeviceWelBit
V2 rom_manual_cpuctrl_layout rom_e2e_c_init

Verify that the mask for the cputctrl CSR in rom_init() is up to date.

See Ibex documentation for details.

  • Verify that the first six bits of the CPUCTRL CSR match what rom_init() and CREATOR_SW_CFG_CPUCTRL OTP item expect:
    • Bit 8: ic_scr_key_valid
    • Bit 7: double_fault_seen
    • Bit 6: sync_exec_seen
    • Bits 5:3: dummy_instr_mask
    • Bit 2: dummy_instr_en
    • Bit 1: data_ind_timing
    • Bit 0: icache_enable