Hardware Interfaces

Referring to the Comportable guideline for peripheral device functionality, the module hmac has the following hardware interfaces defined

  • Primary Clock: clk_i
  • Other Clocks: none
  • Bus Device Interfaces (TL-UL): tl
  • Bus Host Interfaces (TL-UL): none
  • Peripheral Pins for Chip IO: none

Inter-Module Signals

Port NamePackage::StructTypeActWidthDescription


Interrupt NameTypeDescription
hmac_doneEventHMAC-256 completes a message with key
fifo_emptyEventMessage FIFO empty condition
hmac_errEventHMAC error occurred. ERR_CODE register shows which error occurred

Security Alerts

Alert NameDescription
fatal_faultThis fatal alert is triggered when a fatal TL-UL bus integrity fault is detected.

Security Countermeasures

Countermeasure IDDescription
HMAC.BUS.INTEGRITYEnd-to-end bus integrity scheme.