OpenTitan Technical Committee

The OpenTitan Technical Committee is part of the OpenTitan governance structure and the definitive description of its operations and responsibilities are stated in the OpenTitan Technical Charter. Key responsibilities defined in that document include:

  • Oversight of the RFC process, including voting to approve, reject, postpone or revise RFCs.
  • Creating Commit Escalation Guidelines setting out when Committers should escalate a particular Commit to the TC (e.g. for cross-cutting changes), and when Committers should recommend a design rationale write-up or RFC for wider feedback.
  • Maintaining the list of committers.

Expectations of Technical Committee members include the following:

  • Be active participants in development discussions within the OpenTitan project, beyond just Technical Committee meetings.
  • Consider comments and feedback that have been made on proposals during the project-wide review process and ensure any concerns are adequately considered and addressed.
  • Ensure that feedback has been sought from all relevant stakeholders, and appropriate effort has been made to find consensus within the OpenTitan contributor community.
  • Put aside sufficient time on a week-by-week basis to active proposals and give feedback.
  • Act in the best interests of the OpenTitan project.
  • Collaborate to deliver on the responsibilities of the Technical Committee (see above).
  • Proactively seek to identify contributors who should be nominated for committer status.


The OpenTitan Technical Committee membership is:

  • Andreas Kurth (chair)
  • Richard Bohn
  • Cyril Guyot
  • Felix Miller
  • Dominic Rizzo (observer)
  • Michael Munday
  • Rupert Swarbrick
  • Michael Tempelmeier
  • Neeraj Upasani
  • Nir Tasher
  • Arnon Sharlin
  • Tim Trippel
  • Miles Dai
  • Shimeon Greenberg